Baroness Tamhra Shadowsbane

A wealthy, young noble looking to expand into the Savage Frontier


Baroness Tamhra Shadowsbane is a young human noble, originally from Waterdeep, who has come to Loudwater in hopes of garnering support for her family’s expansion into the High Forest. She has coppery, orange hair, and vibrant green eyes; a stark contrast to her garb, often black highlighted with gleaming silver. Tamhra is persuasive, a born leader, but lacks much physical strength; she makes up for this by hiring bands of mercenaries and adventurers to act as her muscle.

A testament to her ambition, Baroness Shadowsbane has taken the time to learn several languages (Common, Illuskan, Dwarvish, Elvish, Orc, Uthgardt) and speak them fluently. Tamhra gestures with her hands when she speaks, sometimes wildly or with exaggerated movements; and she speaks fairly often, rarely allowing herself outside a conversation. The young baroness is arrogant, as nobles often are, but has enough social awareness to keep herself from being too condescending when speaking to subordinates.

Tamhra has familiarized herself with the local politics, particularly of the individuals attending the Masquerade Ball, and will happily share rumors, knowledge, and just about anything else with anyone willing to do the same. Like many nobles, Tamhra is motivated by ambition and power, perhaps even greed. She is protective of his family, especially close family members.

Baroness Tamhra Shadowsbane

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