Captain Heian Harrowleaf

The elf Captain of the Loudwater Patrol


From page 14 of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide: “The head of the Loudwater Patrol is easygoing and remains calm and confident even in the midst of a crisis.
This elf ranger is among the few residents of Loudwater who dwelled in the town at the time of the Spellplague. He is glad to talk about Loudwater as it once was, and he makes it clear that he views the town’s reduction in size as a blessing.”

Captain Heian Harrowleaf is a wood elf and was once a member of the Gray Clan; curiosity brought him to Loudwater where he eventually became the Captain of the Loudwater Patrol. He is an elf in the prime of his life and certainly shows it; very few signs of aging mark his appearance; his long hair is still a solid black, his eyes still vibrantly green, his movements still quick and sure. Harrowleaf is agile and graceful, though not the most persuasive or talkative individual. When in a social gathering, he prefers to observe rather than interact.

Heian Harrowleaf is exceptionally good at dealing with animals and seems to have a preternatural sense about their behavior. He is guarded in his speech and has a habit of folding his arms across his chest or placing them confidently on his hips. Heian is quiet, preferring to let whoever he is speaking with do most of the talking, and makes mental notes of the other individual’s behaviors and speech patterns; he is excellent judge of character.

He works for the great good of everyone living in Loudwater, though he is especially protective of the members of his patrol and will go great lengths to keep them safe.

Captain Heian Harrowleaf

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