Curuvar the Brazen

The local wizard in Loudwater


From page 16 of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide: “Curuvar is an eccentric wizard who is suspicious of strangers and notoriously close-mouthed. However, once his trust is earned, it becomes clear he is fond of the phrase “by Mystra’s lost spell.”
“Curuvar seeks information pertaining to the Dire Wood.
“Curuvar doesn’t often share what he knows…Until the PCs prove themselves, he remains tight-lipped. Like Lady Moonfire, Curuvar is interested in Draigdurroch’s Tower.”

Curuvar has lived nearly his entire life in Loudwater; he spent his early years as an adventurer before settling down in the town. He has the appearance of a stereotypical wizard; a long beard, pointed hat, a robe adorned with stars and crescent moons, and a staff topped with a raven skull. He is learned and inquisitive, always seeking new knowledge, but can be a bit absentminded. Curuvar speaks several languages fluently, including Elvish, Goblin, Illuskan, Orcish, and Dwarvish.

The wizard is fond of the phrase “by Mystra’s lost spell” and utters it often throughout his speech. Curuvar is suspicious of strangers and slow to trust, but is far more open with those he does trust. He values logic and discovery, and is fueled by curiosity. Curuvar is protective of the knowledge he has acquired, most notably his own spells.

Curuvar the Brazen

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