Doomguide Noble

A tiefling paladin of Kelemvor


Doomguide Noble is a tiefling paladin of Kelemvor originally from the city of Ormath. He came West to spread the word of Kelemvor and has become well-known in and around Loudwater for performing funerary rights and dealing with undead. Noble is a tiefling in his early-thirties, still in his prime; keeps his curly, black hair short; and is easily identifiable by his broken left horn. The Doomguide is tough from years of slogging through terrain in heavy armor, though is known to be clumsy from time to time. When he is off-duty, Noble can be found in just about any tavern drinking even dwarves under the table.

Noble has a habit of pacing and tapping his fingers, not out of rudeness but because he dislikes stagnancy and hates standing still for long periods of time; he knows Kelemvor’s enemies lurk in the dark reaches of Faerûn. He is known to be hot-tempered on occasion, but is most often friendly and approachable. Doomguide Noble values honor and fairness, and the balance between life and death; one cannot exist without the other. He is loyal to the people of Loudwater, particularly to Lady Moonfire.

Doomguide Noble has ventured deep into the High Forest. He stumbled upon the camp of the Red Wizards near Draigdurroch’s tower and nearly lost his life in a brief skirmish against their forces.

Doomguide Noble

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