Elánuril Lightningarrow

A moon elf from the Silver Marches


Elánuril Lightningarrow is a moon elf ranger, and member of the famed Knights in Silver, from the city of Silverymoon who has come to Loudwater as a show of goodwill from Taern Hornblade. She is tall and keeps her long, silver hair done up in a complex series of braids. Elánuril is lithe and agile, sporting the grace of a skilled ranger; but is not particularly strong.

Lightningarrow is a skilled artist and often carries around a book full of sketches of the local wildlife. She often stares contemplatively into the distance, especially when she is drawing or sketching. Elánuril is not especially friendly, nor is she rude; she often lets whoever she is speaking with lead the conversation.

The Knight in Silver values creativity and life. She is protective of her colleagues and compatriots; and also her sketchbook.

Elánuril Lightningarrow is a well-traveled ranger and can provide the party with in-depth knowledge of land from the Silver Marches to the Anauroch, including detailed maps, lore, politics, and ruined sites.

Elánuril Lightningarrow

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